Hi, I'm Kim

After leaving the world of retail pharmacy to focus on my family, I had more time to explore my interests in scrapbooking and photography. I joined the Simple Scrapper team as a teaching assistant in January 2017, and in April 2019 began working with a client in their home sorting, digitizing, and organizing their photo collection. Most recently, the December 2020 roll out of the COVID vaccine found me back in my white pharmacy jacket, traveling my home state of Iowa, administering vaccines to residents in long-term care facilities.

The Photo RX

How I Got Started

Through my work within the scrapbook community and as a personal assistant digitizing one family’s photo legacy, I have repeatedly seen the frustration and overwhelm that can be associated with our photos. I have also seen the joy they can bring; allowing us to connect with generations of family members and reliving some of our most special moments.

How I Can Help

Too often I hear people longing for the ‘good old days’ of print film. We were limited to a set number of prints per roll, and it felt manageable. It can be manageable again! From uncovering long unseen images from slides, celebrating your family’s summer vacation with a photobook, or helping ease the frustration of photo management, I am here to help you along the way.